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The significance of Yahoo Messenger Emoticons Explained!!

Yahoo Messenger has been sought after application for interacting with official clients, friends, and known ones. The conversation between two people or a group is conducted within a single instance using Yahoo messenger. The most vital thing that brings charm during conversation is Yahoo messenger emoticons or smiley that helps users show their emotions or feeling while interacting with each other. It sometimes saves a lot of time as the user need not type characters and instead use a smiley or emoticon icon to ask any question or give a reaction to a particular question or message sent to him/her from other end or in the group. Yahoo messenger smiley represents the mood, feeling and emotions of the user that help the other person to interact accordingly and do not disturb them in case he/she is frustrated due to some reasons or busy with some other person.

Yahoo Messenger 11.5 has come up with existing and new emoticons, which are hidden within a chat messenger to help users, access the chat window interface in a proper manner and use the emoticons; whenever required rather than using it for fun. With the different size of emoticons available in Yahoo messenger, it helps the user to choose the perfect one according to the situation or requirement. It can also be used as a fun time for children accessing Yahoo messenger to change themes and skin color of messenger that can help them use emoticons at the best.

Certain shortcut keys are also defined for each emoticon available in Yahoo messenger that helps the user to type the same using keyboard rather than finding the appropriate icon. In this way, using emoticons while chatting with known ones or client using Yahoo messenger will never be irritating or frustrating as it saves a lot of time using emoticons but it should not be used quite frequently.

Hidden emoticon smiley in Yahoo messenger also helps a lot in making chat more information and good looking. These smileys are hidden due to some purpose as they are supposed to be used during important occasion or scenario. The other purpose behind hiding specifics emoticons or smiley is that these are developed on the scripts that sometimes become too robust and hang up the complete device on which Yahoo messenger is active or logged in. But on some occasions, Yahoo messenger emoticons prove to be really worrisome as device sometimes get hung up due to deadlock created by persistent using of the smiley within the chat window. This deadlock freezes the entire PC or Smartphone device screen that interrupts the user in performing the important task he/she is performing along with interacting with known ones using YM 11.5 version.

People, sometimes get frustrated due to technical problems that occur while using emoticons in Yahoo Messenger. As the assistance is only available through email helpdesk team through email support in absence of official Yahoo customer service number, users really feel dejected as they are unable to avail quality customer support services as the delay make things more critical. Other than this, server downtime issues also not allow people to access yahoo messenger and emoticons. It's always advised to contact Yahoo tech support team at the earliest in order to get the issues rectified or to find the resolution for any query, users might have while using Yahoo Messenger emoticon smiley in order to prevent getting issues more critical.

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