My Yahoo Mail Not working on Android Device!! What to do?

Yahoo Mail has been quite permissive; when it comes to sending and receiving messages at ease using any device irrespective of OS installed in it. But some people using Android device face problems as webmail service does not work properly on Android device; be it is through web browser installed on it or through the app officially launched by Yahoo Inc.Yahoo Customer Service Number not launched by webmail service provider is a great setback for users who prefer contacting email helpdesk support team to avail instant assistance.


Though main problem behind Yahoo email not working on Android OS device is server outage issues but there are several other issues such as obsolete browser, Yahoo App compatibility issues with OS, device freeze up issues while accessing webmail services through browser and app with much more to follow that prevents essential actions to be required while accessing Ymail account such as creating create a new Yahoo email account password, reset webmail password, setting spam filters in Yahoo account and much more.

Reasons behind Yahoo Mail Not Working on Android Device

Here are three major reasons Why Yahoo mail users face problems in Android Device, be it is Smartphone or tabs.

  • Yahoo App Compatibility issues with Android OS
  • Browsers installed in Android Device not allow Smartphone users to access Yahoo mail
  • Firewall protection layer inhibiting Yahoo app to execute activities
  • Slow response of Yahoo mail app installed in Android device
  • Yahoo mail app freezes the device screen completely
  • Two-step verification process enabled in Yahoo app saying " Invalid Verification Code Provided"
  • Account key need to be been sent by Yahoo app to reset email account password
  • App permission to access Yahoo mail on Android device not getting enabled
  • Slow internet connection in Smartphone device preventing users from accessing Yahoo inbox messages through app or browser.

Yahoo Inc has always advised its email users not to take actions at their own end if they do not have any knowledge to fix the critical issue. Users should instead contact email helpdesk services by sending their issues containing technical glitch to official helpdesk team in absence of Yahoo email helpline number that could have been a better option to get problematic issues resolved at the shortest time period.

However independent or self-governing organizations have been set up across the globe in major countries such as USA, UK, Australia and Canada that offer autonomous email tech support services in quick time as third party Yahoo helpline number is active every time for the convenience of needy users who always look for help to get problematic issues fixed in Yahoo app that is installed in Android device for sending and receiving messages at the earliest without any kind of hassle.

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Get Connected Via Yahoo Toll-free Numbers

+1 -844-773-9313 (US/CANADA)

+44 - 800-051-3717 (UK)

+61-180-082-5192 (AUS)